Why work with a personal trainer at Garden of the Gods Club and Resort? Our nationally certified personal trainers are available to help Members and guests of our Colorado Springs resort achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Personal trainers can help motivate and educate you with a one-on-one program tailored to your unique needs.

During the first meeting with your personal trainer, you will be given an assessment to determine your needs and goals. This helps the personal trainer to prepare an effective, functional, and personalized program.

Areas on which your personal trainer will focus include the following:
• Flexibility
• Core Strength
• Resistance Training
• Cardiovascular Health
• Balance & Stability

Hour-long Pilates training sessions are also available.

To learn more, contact the Sports Club at 719.329.4009. 
Do you have a large group coming in town and would like to get everyone a personalized fitness class? Why not have the group participate in a Private Group Class led by one of our certified Instructors! The group (up to 8 people) can schedule a private class, specifically tailored to your needs. This private class costs $80 for a one hour class. The class can be any of the following disciplines, or even a combination; yoga, pilates, cycling, kickbox, bootcamp, etc. Call the Sports Club today for more information - 719.329.4009

Private, one-on-one trainings are now available from our qualified, experienced yoga instructors at the Sports Club.  If you’ve never taken a yoga class or want to learn more, please call 329-4009 or email Bev at bstewart@ggclub.com.  Our yoga instructors have specialty certifications and are available for one or five or more private sessions. 


Personal Training Options

One (1) Session: $80
Ten (10) Sessions: $700
Twenty (20) Sessions: $1,200
Express Session (30-minutes): $60

Private Pilates Instruction

One (1) Session: $70
Ten (10) Sessions: $600
Twenty (20) Sessions: $1000

Semi-Private Training Options (for 2-3 people)

One (1) Session: $85
Ten (10) Sessions: $800
Twenty (20) Sessions: $1,500

Sport-Specific Training Package

Five (5) Sessions: $350

Private Fitness Class

One (1) Class: $80

Fitness Assessment

One (1) hour session: $65

NOTE:  Prices are effective as of March 15, 2016 and are subject to change without notice.