Garden of the Gods Club and Resort offers a variety of golf programs designed to introduce new players to the game, help players improve their scores, and connect players with each other. Stay tuned more information about our 2017 programs to be announced soon. 

Programs offered include:
  • PGA Professional Golf Instruction
  • Kissing Camels Men’s Golf League
  • Kissing Camels Ladies’ Golf Association

Garden of the Gods Club and Resort Kissing Camels Golf Performance Summer Program

We are teaming up with Great Moves Physical Therapy to provide a summer program that  will guarantee your BEST summer of golf!
Program includes:
(10) 30-minute lessons with your Kissing Camels Golf Pro
(24) 30-minute sessions with Great Moves Golf Fitness Trainer, Aaron Andrus
(6) 1-Hour Golf Performance evaluation/sessions from golf specific physical therapists, Karen Stellick and/or Jacki Koury AND unlimited time on our indoor golf simulator

Just $1,800 for members!

Great Moves Physical Therapy

  • Great Moves therapists are certified in golf performance through the Titleist Performance Institute and are trained to observe and find the common power leaks due to improper body mechanics with amateur and professional golfers. 
    • You will receive a body specific golf evaluation and full swing analysis to determine what may be the cause of your swing faults.
    • You will begin a training regimen specifically based on your evaluation 
  • Great Moves and Kissing Camels golf professionals will work as a team to make sure you get back on the course to play consistent, pain-free golf.

Introducing the Great Moves High Definition Golf ® Simulator      

  • The High Definition Golf Simulator has many different options for all types of golfers, from beginners to professionals. 
  • Play 20 of the top courses in North American by yourself, with 1-3 friends, or practice on the driving range and measure every club in your bag. 
  • The High Definition Golf Simulator allows for in-depth swing analysis that details everything from swing path to club head speed to ball trajectory and other statistics beneficial for evaluating your golf swing.    

Top Featured Courses
 Pebble Beach Golf Links Pinehurst No. 2 Bay Hill
Spyglass Hill Kiawah Island Banff Springs
Torrey Pines World Executive Bethpage Black
Aaron Andrus, Golf Specific Trainer
Aaron received his BS in Strength & Conditioning from UCCS. He was nominated “Most Outstanding Student” by faculty & staff for his dedication and leadership qualities. Aaron was born and raised in Alaska, and grew up playing golf, fishing, and hunting. He was involved in sports at a young age, and excelled in golf, basketball and soccer. While in Alaska he started working at his local Golf Course at the age of 12. He participated in junior golf programs, and contributed to the growth of the game in his community. In his spare time he plays golf, and basketball. Aaron has been working with athletes of all ages for 2 years. He loves to volunteer for local golf related events and with the Boys and Girls club. He will work with you for developing specific exercise programs to meet your goals.
Jacki Koury, MSPT, Founder, CEO
Physical therapist, Jacki Koury, PT, MSPT, founded Great Moves in January of 2001. She moved to Colorado Springs in 1993 after graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Park & Recreation Management. After working in a hand clinic & PT clinic, Jacki attended Regis University in Denver, completing her Masters Degree of Science in Physical Therapy. Her specialties include golf performance, low back pain, vestibular dysfunctions, prevention & wellness and women’s health.
Karen Stellick, PT, LPGA Tour PT
Physical therapist and golf specialist, Karen Stellick, brings more than 20 years of experience and vast knowledge of orthopedic & neurologic treatment methods. She enjoys the quick recovery of total joint replacements and the challenge of neurologic care with Parkinson’s and PLS. Karen worked as the primary physical therapist for the LPGA for 4 years. She continues to teach with the LPGA and localprograms. Karen is available for public speaking in the areas of golf, arthritis, Parkinson’s and women’s health.

Great Moves Program Testimonial

Carla Albers
Garden of the Gods Club & Resort Member
"While I used to golf occasionally years ago, some significant neck and low back issues prevented me from golfing for over a decade.  Following neck surgery, I started golfing again but frequently had low back issues following a round.  Because I enjoy golfing but want to do so in a healthy way, my husband and I decided I needed to try the golf program offered by the Garden of the Gods club and Great Moves Physical Therapy.
PT Jackie identified some of the low back mechanical issues I have and started me with a series of exercises to stretch, strengthen, and increase my ranges of motion.  Fitness instructor Aaron designed a series of exercises for me that work on core strength, rotational strength, exercises specific to golf swings, and all around fitness.  And golf pro Rich, with the limitations outlined by Jackie, was able to help me develop a golf swing that works with my limitations.
I am a huge fan of this program.  My scores for 9 holes are averaging at least 10 strokes lower than before starting the program.  My husband has commented that my contact with the ball is much more solid and consistent.  And, while I still have some low back discomfort with playing, it is definitely less than it was and I recuperate quicker.  I would highly recommend this program for anyone hoping to improve their golf game and to do so in a healthy way."