Go Beyond Vertical 

Reach New Heights & Learn To Climb in 4 Hours

Go beyond vertical with Front Range Climbing Co. & experience the wonder of “the Garden” from its towering rock formations with personal team building instruction perfect for beginners. 
The Garden of the Gods, one of Colorado Springs' city parks, is a marvel to the eye and the soul. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971, the history of climbing is deeply rooted in the rock walls that soar towards the sky. Offering climbing for all ability levels, the Garden of the Gods is an exceptional location to climb, and there is no better way to experience the wonder of this amazing park than from its towering rock formations.

Adventure-based team building programs are designed to build your group's leadership skills, teamwork, and personal effectiveness. Your group will experience the power that adventure-based activities can deliver; as well as improve communication, cooperation, greater enthusiasm, and loyalty. 

Book your next meeting at Garden of the Gods Club and Resort and receive preferred team building pricing with experienced guides, including some of America’s foremost climbers like Jimmie Dunn, Bob D’Antonio, and Stewart M. Green.

This four-hour climbing excursion will have your team on the rocks in less than 30 minute for less than $150 per person.