A Life in balance, discover a new paradigm for wellness & optimal performance.

Take a unique look at what balance really feels like as we go through our days and manage our wellbeing within all that life offers us including the demands of family life, work life, technology, personal values, and self-care.

At the International Health & Wellness Center (IHWC), the possibilities of achieving optimal health are as limitless as the surrounding landscape. Nestled within the breathtaking setting of the renowned Resort at the Garden of the Gods Collection you’ll find an integrative approach to elevating your overall wellbeing.

An innovative, destination healthcare and wellness center has come to Colorado. Applying evidence-based healthcare principles and practices with the latest advances in complementary medicine, the highly-skilled and compassionate physician team at the International Health & Wellness Center intuitively provides medical and wellness services with the aim of restoring clients to optimal health and functionality.

Executive Wellbeing Program

Executives often ask the question ‘how can I maximize my performance’ and the answer lies in optimizing your health and wellbeing. Our vision is based upon data which clearly demonstrate that executives who take charge of their health and undergo a transformative change experience a higher level of function (physical and mental), have fewer health issues and demonstrate increased productivity compared to those who don’t. 
  • IHWC provides the executive and his or her organization the tools needed to achieve and maintain optimal mental and physical health
  • Environment with a comprehensive approach where a leader can build balance and come to have all of their needs – wellness, emotional, spiritual, professional –met 
  • Personalized/Precision approach 
  • Incorporation of Executive Lifestyle Analysis to maximize the wellbeing journey
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Modules are built into your program to help you identify key health and wellness
  • Taste good meets good for you with Healthy Refreshment Breaks
  • No more bored board meetings - Energizing Fitness Related Meeting Break Sessions

To learn more about Wellbeing or Fitness related meeting programs, or to book space for your next meeting, please contact Lee Reijgers at 719-520-4989 or lreijgers@ggclub.com.