This relaxing massage, with techniques of light to light/medium pressure, reduces stress, emotional and physical.
Using multiple techniques at our therapists’ disposal (including deep tissue) you will experience both prevention and healing.
From the Primal Sea, our Himalayan Salt Stones provide benefits compared to traditional Hot Stone with the added benefits of skin exfoliation, skin nourishment with 84 vital minerals and energetic balancing. Choose Restore which focuses on the Tsing points resulting in deep relaxation or Salt Deep Tissue, a full body, muscular massage.
A focused approach to tension reduction.
Relieve tension, water retention, and foot/leg discomfort. Please arrive 20 minutes early.
A new approach to hot stone therapy, our “obsidian-like stones” produce a constant heat and are carefully choreographed dissolving muscle tension.
Relax together in a private room designed for quiet and serenity. Post-massage, enjoy a glass of champagne in our whirlpool room, or weather permitting in our outdoor garden room.
a la carte pricing, massage of your choice
This profoundly healing experience combines Royal Thai Massage, massage with an organic herbal poultice, Thai stretching and aromatherapy. Please consult with our concierge desk for details and assistance in choosing the most appropriate herbal poultice.
A quick but highly effective exfoliating treatment finalized with an application of oils or crèmes from the internationally acclaimed luxury product line Biologique Recherche of Paris.
Aypa is a mystical Andian Incan treatment using organic indigenous plants from Peru. A Purple Corn exfoliant, Lucuma Warming Body Mask, Sacha Inchi oil and an exquisite crème made from organic Quinoa complete a treatment that awakens all the senses. (In-room private shower)
Known as the “Sailor’s Cure” by ancient mariners, algae treatments deliver natural youth sustaining properties. Our highly detoxifying and toning treatment leaves your skin naturally soothed and moisturized. A remarkable exfoliation, highly effective lymphatic drainage and relaxing far infra-red therapy increase the benefits of your selected algae therapy.
Therapy from terra is the ultimate grounding experience. Using healing muds of natural color (red, blue, white, yellow) to detoxify, refine, and infuse the body with earth’s precious minerals. Following a gentle exfoliation our body therapist “paints” your body with muds. Relax and enjoy a head massage, followed by an in-room aromatherapy shower and application of exquisite body creams.
One hour of pure decadence starting with a gentle exfoliation, you will then be slathered head to toe in ultra rich healing organic Goat Butter Crème and nourishing oils as you relax in the warmth of the cocoon float. While rela xing, enjoy a scalp and face massage to calm your mind and escape all concerns. Perfect for dry Colorado skin.
Only luxurious products are presented in this treatment exclusive to the Garden of the Gods Spa. Combining the Glow with Algae Deep Detox, a nourishing Hair Treatment applied with a stress releasing head massage, and a relaxing foot massage … all are experienced under the expert hands of our body specialists. (Upgrade to MSR-H Body Crème for $25) In-room private shower.
Designed with repair and rejuvenation in mind, your skin will be meticulously cleaned. Using the synergy of meticulous handwork techniques with products of superior quality, you will experience visible and lasting results with a definite glow.
Building on the insight that healthy skin is ageless skin, Biologique Recherche boosters will be used according to your specific goals. Pure, raw ingredients, sourced from around the globe, combined with exquisite lymphatic drainage and lift techniques, deliver surprising results. Extend your treatment to 75 minutes and your therapist will add an additional specific booster or mask.
Embarking on a path of optimal health, your skin will be renewed and clarified. Beginning with a triple-deep cleansing technique, each step of this facial progresses according to your therapist’s discerning observation of your skin. With many tools at our disposal, you are sure to be impressed. A perfect facial to repeat weekly until the desired texture and health is maintained.
For those in a hurry, place your face in the capable hands of our estheticians to work magic quickly. A no-frills, get-the-job-done facial helps maintain cleanliness, boost hydration, replenish nutrients, and protect your skin from our challenging environment.
A restorative facial that addresses skin issues associated with oncology medications and treatments. Skin is gently cleansed and followed by products that specifically address each individual’s need for moisture balance, cellular health and barrier protection. Our esthetics team has been trained to positively impact the lives of cancer patients with a healing touch during and post treatment.
Beginning with our Reverse the Clock facial, we add the magical Remodeling Face Machine. The results of this treatment are immediate, lasting and cumulative. Using three distinct electric currents and one spe cific wave to stimulate tissue, plump the skin, and create that elusive red-carpet-worthy “glow,” your overall visage is improved with a totally non-invasive procedure.
Male skin requires special attention. Begin with a deep cleansing process unique to our Spa. You will then experience lymphatic massage, restorative therapies and a soothing head massage to melt life’s stress away. (This is a highly customizable treatment based on individual needs.)
$150 +
After consultation with your therapist, treatments off-menu may be recommended. Our therapists are well-trained to address specific and unique skin concerns. After consultation with your therapist a specific treatment will be designed. Peels, Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy), Vitamin C Therapy, 02 and Vitamin Therapy